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Hello!! I have a sectional sofa that is over 33 years old. I absolutely love the fabric & would like to reupholster it with the same fabric but am unable to find it or really know how to search for it. I do see a few places saying they can scan the fabric into a system that can search for it. I donít know for sure but I really would love to try finding the same fabric. It is unusual. I bought in in New York just before getting married but I think the store is no longer there. The fabric is an ivory damask but the damask resembles shattered glass or a birds of paradise type of abstract design. It also had faint hues of color threaded in it of a light pink & mint green/blue. I have photos I can send but I wanted to see if you could possibly help educate me in what the fabric is & how I can either find it or find the closest duplicate. I am just so I love with the fabric & everything about the sectional. Iím hoping you can help me figure all of this out. If you canít help in figuring out where I can find the fabric I hope you might know where I can get I touch with someone who may be able to help me. I know itís a horrible shot I the dark but I figure someone might be able to help. Anything you can help me find would really be helpful & so greatly appreciated!! 11/7/2020 33225
11/1/2020 33213
11/7/2020 33224
11/1/2020 33215
11/1/2020 33216
11/1/2020 33217

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