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Please see attached scan—the scan was generated from a couple of samples I have, at 400 dpi then subsequently reduced in size using Irfanview (free image viewer/processing program) to standard size. There are two fabrics in the scan. Both are from the Troy Riverwoods collection, from a kit purchased in September from Fons and Porter. PN for one is TRO-1804/4, the other is TRO-1804/5. I need 2 ½ yards of each. I ran out of supplied kit material and cannot purchase the needed items separately. Thank you so much for offering this service! 11/19/2017 31172
Image Not Available I am searching for Whispers by Betty Wang licensed to SSI Southseas Island 11/19/2017 31171

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Hello, I am looking for as much as a few yards and no less than a yard of this fabric. It was purchased by my mom about 5 years ago. I know eithervat wal mart, hancock, or joann fabrics. I have attachede two photos with closeups of the characters. 11/19/2017 31188

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I need some of this batik...dont know the name or brand, i bought it a couple of years ago. I could use at least a yard but would like more if available. 11/19/2017 31181
Image Not Available I need just one piece of 6” x 11” or 2 pieces 3” x 11” to finish a quilt. Hoffman Snow Festival K7198 in silver and black. Bought 3 years ? ago at Magical Stitches in Georgia. Many thanks for looking. 11/19/2017 31179

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I am in a desperate search for hard to find lifesaver candy fabric. My son had a comforter made from lifesaver fabric and I accidently threw it out. I am going through chemo now and wanted to sew him a new comforter for Christmas. Time is of the essence. Would you be able to help me find some? I have no idea where to look. I have been on google. It looks like it was produced by a company called Marlborough but they are no longer in existence. I surely appreciate your help. I do have a picture of the fabric if that would help. :-) 11/14/2017 31162

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