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. I don’t have any of this fabric and only have this photo of a quilt in which it was used. It is a HOFFMAN from the mid 90s. I used to own a quilt shop and loved/love this fabric. In the photos, it is the lighter fabric; not the dark blue with blue swirls. 2nd photo is same Hoffman fabric in red. The fabric was printed every which way with images of quilts in a monochromatic color and came in a red and this blue. So the lighter value fabric goes from light/med and dark within the same fabric. Also attached a photo of the same quilt pattern using the Hoffman fabric in red. 1/22/2021 28469

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Manufacturer: Northcott Name of the fabric: "Artisan Spirit" (may be Shimmer Radiance) Style #: Best guess is 9050 (don't have color number) Colors: Lapis/sapphire/turqoise blues; with random gold accents throughout fabric. Note: Attached example is from my remnant. Actual fabric is much lighter than shown, here. Do not want silver, bronze or copper accents Purchased: About 2-3 years ago, probably from Quantity Needed: Up to 1 yard 1/22/2021 28466

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In search of any yardage of American Goldfinch Damask Gray by Susan Winget. Thank you. 1/22/2021 28473

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I am looking for precuts of Hirizon by Kate Spain for Moda - layer cake, jelly roll, or fat quarter bundle. 1/22/2021 28465

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This is one of two pictures for the fabric I am looking for. I need 1 yard. 1/22/2021 28471

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This is one of two pictures for the fabric I am looking for. I need 1 yard. 1/22/2021 28472

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