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This upholstery fabric. In the pic, some “leaves” look gray; it’s more of a blue-grayish/slate blue in varying shades, along w/tans, khakis and camels and cream as background. 3/18/2018 31477

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The pattern is "Peonies" #HJ-CM8437 by Hi-Fashion Fabrics. Bought in Yuma, AZ in 2016 at Grandma Jo's. I need only 1 (one) yard. Thanks! 3/18/2018 31493

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Have you seen this? 3/18/2018 31481

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Looking for 2 more yds. of each of these 3 fabrics--"CELEBRATE" style H8736 Hoffman International Fabrics--same pattern, different backgrounds; white, green, black. 3/18/2018 31487

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My story goes like this. We lost our daughter favorite blanket at Disney. They say they can’t find it, I am being they just threw it out. Now we have been on the hunt for the material and the pattern. My wife says it is 70% poly and 30% cotton. It is thicker than flannel but not as thick as the fleece fabrics set to be of today. It is at least 11 years old and I think discontinued. We have been emailing and calling people all over the US trying to find it. I am attaching two pics with my daughter holding it. It was just material on a bolt and we had cut and called it a blanket. It did not come in a kit or anything like that. My hope is we can find something. Because everywhere we look and call we are coming up short. 3/16/2018 31467

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I’m looking for 2 yards of the attached fabric. I’ve been told it is by Michael Miller and the collection is called “Sew What” Thank you for your posting this for me. 3/12/2018 31463

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