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Image Not Available In need of: Materials needed: 1 yd Piano Keyboard print 2507-C; ½ yd black w/white notes 2508-K; 1/2 yd red w/black notes 2508-R; ¼ yd cream w/black notes 2508-Y;1-1/2 yd Choir Border Stripe 4172-K; 1 yd packed choir print 4171-K; ¼ yd Pianos on cream print 4173-L;1/4 yd pianos on red print 4173-R; ¼ yd Cream music staff print TP-177Q; ¼ yd black dimples print 1867-K2; 10/14/2018 31887

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I need to post this ad to find this fleece fabric for a project I have. It the moose material thank you 10/14/2018 31873

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Frog fabric needed 10/14/2018 31877

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I'm desperately searching for a scrap/FQ to match or come close to matching so I can repair the hole in this quilt. Blueberry on white. Flower clusters approximately 1/4-1/2 inch. I only need 8"x6" piece. If I cannot find an exact match, I will use something closer and replace the 'Eve' figure with the new fabric, in which case I'll need a FQ. The quilt was made in 1990s as a reproduction of an 1886 quilt, known as The Bible Quilt by Harriet Powers, that now hangs in the Smithsonian. I know it is a 25 yr old reproduction, but I have become slightly obsessed with the design, its history, the maker and the controversy over the Smithsonian contracting a Chinese manufacturer to reproduce it, along with several other quilts in the museum. It is machine pieced with hand appliqued and hand quilted. 10/14/2018 31888

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Same pattern; either will do. Would even like to find it in a (black/beige/metallic gold) or similar, if exists. 10/14/2018 31886

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In need of 2 yds or more of this Joann fabric from about 5 yrs ago, Snowy Poinsettia, to finish a quilt. 10/14/2018 31881

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