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I am looking for the purple fabric pictured as the final sash. I need 1/4 of a yard but willing to purchase larger amount. 3/7/2020 32789

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Iím in need of the white on white crystalline fabric. The purple has the selvage info. Please help. I donít need much...maybe 1/2 yard? 3/7/2020 32788

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I purchased this black print some years ago, I can't remember where or when. I have a small piece left (8x12 inches) but need more (prefer 2 yards, but will accept less) for a quilt I am working on. The photo of the fabric (taken with my phone) has more contrast than the actual fabric; actual fabric is overall darker with a pinky brown undertone (as if the black design was printed on top of it). If there is a another similar fabric I might consider it, assuming this one is no longer available. There are lots of black fabrics available to me locally, but they either have flowers or a regular geometric design, so wouldn't be nearly as good. 3/7/2020 32794

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In search of this fabric to help a friend finish her motherís quilt. We are short on the backing fabric. We donít know where she got it or when. We donít even have the name Can you hel me find it? 3/7/2020 32793

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Missing fabric 3/7/2020 32784

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I am in need of a dark purple fabric with purple roses pattern. Need about 5 yards or less. I don't know the fabric line as I purchased this 5+ years ago. I used it in a quilt for my granddaughter, but now want to make a college quilt for her, using some of the same fabrics. 3/7/2020 32783

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