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Imagine you are in the middle of a project and suddenly realize you don't have enough fabric to finish! Or you have your next quilt all planned and are anxious to start, but you can't find one of the fabrics! You have been to every quilt store in the state (and maybe the neighboring states), you have pleaded with your quilt buddies (and non-quilt buddies) to help you find it, you have nightmares about it every night and you have worn out three mice searching the internet. Okay, maybe just one mouse got worn out, the other two gave up in defeat. What do you do?

How would you like to have quilters and fabric shop owners THE WORLD OVER looking for your fabric for you? Instead of just a handful of people you now have thousands looking! Mind boggling idea isn't it? Not with the power of the internet behind you! So…..how do you do this? You simply send in an "ad" to [email protected]. Include a .jpg of the fabric if you have one (it makes the search so much easier and you are more likely to get exactly what you are looking for. Then sit back and wait for the email to hit your inbox telling you where to find that fabric.

Wait? That is it?
Yes, that is it.
But what about spam mail? Won't I be overwhelmed with spam mail if I put my email address out on the internet?
- Well, no. You won't. See, the webmaster at Missing Fabrics uses a method of obscuring your email address from the spambots that would try to steal it. Works quite well, but if you are still worried, simply get one of those freebie accounts at yahoo or hotmail or gmail (my favorite) and then don't forget to check that account for your responses to your ad.
What if I don't know how to scan in fabric, or don't have a scanner? Can I still use the service?
Sure you can. You can even send in a swatch for me to scan for you to put on the internet with your ad. I gladly provide that service. I do ask that you pay the hefty fee of $1.00 US for each swatch I scan in for you. It helps pay for the scanner.
Does this really work?
I won't tell you that we work every time, because we don't. We do seem to have about a 70% ratio of finding what is lost and have even found fabric that is 25 years old before. You just never know. And…….it never hurts to try.
There has to be a cost. How much?
$1.00. That is ONLY if I have to scan your fabric in for you. If you submit your ad via email there is NO CHARGE. Donations are always welcome and there is a paypal link on the main page if you care to donate. This is a free service I provide, I just ask that you don't abuse it.

That is it. Any other questions please feel free to ask!

I do NOT do this for a living, you aren't paying my salary. Therefore, this page is updated twice a week only, those requests that come in via the regular mail service are added on weekends only due to time constraints. Mall ads will be done on weekends if there is a lot to add, otherwise I will try to add these on the weekday update day also. Corrections to ads I try to get to immediately if the correction is urgent (wrong email, no picture showing, etc.)

Alright, you asked for it, you got it! Missing Fabrics now has a SEARCH FEATURE! Oh no, where are those smelling salts? Whew, that is better! If you didn't see it, well, look up!! Yes, up. I put it at the top area of the page to make it easier to find. The Bargain Basement Pages are HERE!!! Email me for details!!

We also have our own craft mall. If you are looking for fabric or craft items to buy try here!! And if you have items to sell please see the Mall Pricing Guide.

We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back often to look around. Who is "WE"? Go to the top of the page and check out the gorgeous staff here at Missing Fabrics. We are all committed to helping you find your fabric....and cat naps of course.

***The Disclaimer at the top of the page is NOT meant to keep quilt stores and businesses from answering ads when they have the fabric/item in question. I encourage this wholeheartedly. It is intended to keep businesses from spamming the posters of the ads on this page. Spamming is any email directed at a poster when you do not have their item, nor info on their item. Please direct any questions on this to [email protected]. Thank you!

Tricia Knox
2700 E. Valley Pkwy, #264
Escondido, CA 92027
Attn: Missing Fabrics

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