How does Missing Fabrics Work??

How does it work?  Well it is actually pretty simple.  If you are looking for something then you send me an email with the scan included (if you have one) and your email address, info on the item you need, how many yards (if it is a fabric), and any other useful info that might help in the search for your missing item.  Sorry, but books, patterns, and tools can't have pictures due to the way my database is set up.   Pictures are only for fabrics.

If you are submitting your info by email the ad is free, though donations are welcome.   Send the email to [email protected].   Please check and make sure your scan isn't too big.  Anything that takes more than 30 minutes for me to download is too big!  If you are sending it in via snailmail then there is a $1.00 charge for adding your item.  If you need your swatch back please include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) and I will gladly return your swatch.  Mail your swatch, your payment, and appropriate information to:

Tricia Knox
2700 E. Valley Pkwy, #264
Escondido, CA  92027

You can pay the fee by inserting a one dollar bill in the envelope, or you can send a check if you like (made payable to Tricia Knox please).  If you REALLY wanna do a credit card then you can do Paypal.  Email me for details on this one.

Okay, then what happens?  Well, I get your email or your snailmail and put it in the queue to be added.  Emails get updated on Wednesdays and Saturdays, snailmails I add on Saturdays due to time constraints on Wednesdays (in other words I work a full time job in addition to maintaining this page).  If you send an email you will receive an email back when that email reaches my computer and gets put in the queue.  This is basically so you know that I got it.  When your request is added you will receive another email with the ad number as the subject line.  You can find your ad by searching for the ad number or by going through the pages and looking for it (new ads come first, but each update generally has anywhere from 15 to over 30 requests.  At 4 ads per page that is 4 to 8 pages of "new" stuff).  Snail mails don't generally get the email message, just look for your ad towards the end of the day on Saturdays.

Now, your ad is on the page.  You have now turned quilt store owners, quilt store employees, fabric store employees, and fabric lovers world wide into Sherlock Holmes.   If someone out there has your item they will email you directly.  Don't give up too soon, some requests take longer than others to find.  Some, however, never get found.  We are running about a 65 to 70% success rate right now as near as I can figure it.

You have received email from someone who has your fabric or item.  Who sets the price?  The person who has the item does.  Many of these are quilt stores or fabric stores and you have to pay their prices if you want the fabric or the item badly enough.  Individuals set their own price too, remember, they had to pay for the fabric or the item to begin with!  You will need to PAY for your item BEFORE it is sent to you.  Sorry, but you don't order from somewhere and get the goods without paying, don't expect to do so here.  This is up to the seller, but please show some common courtesy on this one. 

You have FOUND your item.....Now what?  Please, please, PLEASE send me an email telling me that you found it.  Include your ad number and thank anyone who helped you find it.  Simply telling me to remove ad # ..... works, but doesn't thank the people who make this page work, and the person who helped you out by finding your item.

You want to sell something??  Now that isn't free, even IF you send it in an email.   Check out the Pricing Page for the Missing Fabrics Mall and please send the appropriate amount.

Still have questions?  Email me!!  [email protected]


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How Does Missing Fabrics Work????
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