History of  Missing Fabrics!

The idea for this page came into being when a fellow quilt guild member was looking for a fabric.  She described the fabric to 5 of us....all 5 got a different idea of what she was looking for.  I thought about that as I came home and then again when I read my email from some of the quilt lists I belong to.  Sure enough, someone on one of those lists was also looking for a fabric!  I thought that there had to be an easier way to find those beloved fabrics....thus Missing Fabrics was born.  Need more of that fabric for a quilt you are working on?  Want some fabric but don't know if it even exists?  This is the place to come!  Stop on in, take a look at the missing fabrics and see if you can't help someone out.  Some of the ads have scans...some don't.  Just sit back, browse around and enjoy yourself!

The Missing Fabrics page is for use by all who need it. The Missing Fabrics service is FREE if you are sending a "Missing" ad via email.  There is a $1.00 charge for all snail-mail requests effective September 15, 2000.  The charge is because of the added charge Missing Fabrics is incurring due to it's size, and due to the time that I am having to expend to put the snail-mail requests up.  Donations are always appreciated!   I want to thank everyone who has helped to make this page available.  Now all we need is for you to make use of it.  Please check out each of the pages and try to help our fellow crafters finish all of their Unfinished Projects.

The newest member of this site is our Missing Fabrics Mall pages.  There is a small charge for the ads to this page.  This fee pays for keeping this page available to all of you.


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