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Updated February 21, 2000

2/3/01- Effective immediately I am forced to REFUSE to put some ads on the page.   These are the ads that will NOT be placed in the future:
1.)  Any ad that is sent from a computer system infected with an email virus.   If I receive an email that has a virus in it I will email and inform you of this virus.  I will NOT post any ads for you though till the virus is removed from your system.  Too many people don't know NOT to open an attachment in an email if they don't know what is in it.  This is how viruses spread.  I won't subject my viewers to this.  So...if my virus scanner catches a virus in your email, your ad will not be posted.
2.)  Anything on the internet is copyrighted.  Some online shops and stores, such as Equilter.com, are putting logos or watermarks on their images.  If you send me an image from an online site you are actually stealing a copywritten image and I can get in legal trouble for posting the image.  A copyright lawsuit I don't need....so don't put me in this position please.
3.)  Any ad placed via snailmail (otherwise known as U.S. mail, or regular mail for those overseas) that is either missing an email address to respond to, has an illegible email address, or is missing the $1.00 fee (overseas ad requests are exempt from this charge).  Soo..if I can't read your email address, or it isn't in the letter then don't look for the ad on the website.

Sorry to be forced to do this, but I have to protect the page....and the page's viewers in the case of the viruses as I see fit.  I also simply don't have the time to track down an email address on someone who forgets to put it on their letter or whose email address I can't read.  Nor do I have the time to put the ads up with my email address and then CALL you when it is found.   I work two jobs AND I am going to school.   Time is very precious to me.  Thanks for understanding!  - Tricia

9/9/00-  Several of my viewers have suggested this and I thought it was a good idea.  Effective September 15th all snail-mail based ads are $1.00 each.   If you send your request in via email then your ad is still free (yes, I know this didn't change).  HOWEVER, if you feel that this page has been of service to you AND you wish to help support it, then PLEASE feel free to send a donation to help with the upkeep of this page.  Donations may be sent to me at:

Tricia Knox
2700 E. Valley Pkwy, #264
Escondido, CA  92027
Attn:  Missing Fabrics

Thanks for caring everyone!  Tricia

8/23/00 - Okay, this is hard for me to do folks.  Missing Fabrics is becoming bigger and bigger (which is a good thing), and due to this it is taking more and more web space.  In order to attempt to have this page pay for itself I will be forced to start charging for some ads.  I hate to do this, really I do.  But effective September 15, 2000 if you send me a swatch in the mail or a request in the mail please enclose a $1.00.  Of course, donations are always accepted too (thanks to those who have sent donations in the past).  It takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to do each and every update to the database due to the sheer numbers of requests that I get each week.   I don't want to start charging for all ads, but be forewarned that there is a possibility that this may happen one day in the not-to-distant future.  Yes, I know I will upset some people, there are others who thought I should have charged from the very beginning.  I appreciate everyone's understanding when I cut the updates down to two days a week.  I hope that you all also understand regarding the charging.  Due to questions regarding the "doctor" visits twice a week I wish to assure everyone that I am NOT ill, dying, etc.   I am on a weight loss program and have now lost over 65 pounds and 4-5 dress sizes (depending on the cut) since February 1, 2000!   Thanks to everyone for making my dream of "Missing Fabrics" as a place to aid fellow quilters a dream come true!  - Pa"Tricia" Knox

5/2000 - Okay, okay already!  There is now a search engine on the page.  Now I am not a programmer, so I found this one out on the web.   It is a freebie search engine, but seems pretty darned smart!  Also, thanks for the input on the categories.  That won't be happening quite like it was first envisioned, I am still working on the "NEW" Missing Fabrics For Sale Area.   The "Bargain Basement" is approved.  Start sending me your ads for this site, each ad is .50 cents for a month stay on the page. 

I also really want to thank everyone for checking out the size of the images that they send.  I really, really appreciate it!  If you have written me lately you also know that I now have an autoresponse set up.  Still trying to figure out how to keep it from being an attachment.  Remember, a programmer I am not!  Thanks for everything folks....oh, and thanks to Quilter's Newsletter Magazine for the article on page 81 of the June 2000 issue!


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